Since 2004 we achieved the following results:

- Start collecting knowledge about topiary, translating foreign books, selecting stable garden plants for topiary in conditions of Russian climate zone:
- We were the first who wrote articles on topiary in garden magazines  in Russia.
-Our web site started in 2005. Today it is redesigned and bilingual. Also we have
-In 2006 the expert from Ladew Topiary Garden was invited by our Art School. He gave the two weeks lecture and master classes on topiary and Green Art.
-2008 our expert was invited as topiary lecturer to the world known Russian garden "Peterhoff".
- We took part  in the annual exhibition "Flowers 2008", Moscow.
- We are Moscow dealers of the representative of Kapan Company "ARS" professional tools for gardeners.
-2009 started our Topiary Art Studio under the Academy of Agriculture, where students could pass the lectures.
- We are planning to edit topiary manual that year.
- Now we collaborate with city garden structures trying to restore topiary art in Moscow parks.